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I will capture you at your most beautiful on camera. I know the people I photograph are not models, they are husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, real people, just like you.

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Main Line Portraits on Philadelphia’s Mainline

Welcome to Main Line Portraits!

Did you find us by searching portraits main line, or maybe photography main line? Chances are you are looking for a local photographer to capture some of your most celebrated and notable moments, and we are delighted that you found us!

It is our honor to have the opportunity to create moments that will last a lifetime for the people we work with. We take great pride in providing photos that highlight the moments in time that you wish to cherish forever.

One of the most important things that we like to do before capturing your portrait is to get a great sense of our subject. This may mean getting to know your family better, connecting with your little one, or understanding the goals and expected results from having your picture taken by a professional. Every person and every family is different, so we want to learn about you – your style, how you plan on showing off the result, and the emotions you are trying to portray with your photographs.

Our goal is to document your moments in the way that you want to save them! We approach all of our sessions from a natural and relaxed perspective – your moments should be captured as they are happening in real life! Our ultimate goal is to capture your unique personality in a fun and peaceful setting.

Portraits Main Line

Choosing a photographer that is close to you is an ideal situation. We can take you and your family’s photos in a setting that is the most comfortable for you! To capture all of the most monumental and significant moments in your life, we offer many different kinds of portrait photography.

Some of these include:

  • Self Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Wedding Photos
  • Senior Portraits
  • Corporate Photography
  • Portraits on Location
  • College Graduation Portraits
  • Maternity and Newborn Portraits
  • And many more…

Portrait Sessions

We take pride in being the best at what we do – this means ensuring that your session produces incredible photos that will last you a lifetime! We take the time to learn about you and anyone else who may be joining the session to be sure that we are capturing exactly what you are looking for. If you aren’t happy, neither or we, which is why we take great care in getting your photographs just right.

Wedding Portraits & Maternity and Newborn Portraits

Life has some big moments in store for all of us. Believe it or not, even though these memories are some of our most important, it is not unusual to forget bits and pieces of the big day, whichever day that may be. This is why having a professional portrait photographer take your pictures can help to make sure that you never have the chance to forget these incredible moments! These are memories that you will want to treasure forever, and of course, pass on to your future generations. You will be surprised by the incredible memories that we capture through a portrait session.

Corporate Photo Sessions

Whether you are looking to capture the moments of an event or showcase your executive teams’ members professionally, corporate photo sessions help make your organization look trustworthy and qualified. Corporate portraits help you and your team assert yourselves as an authority within your industry while creating a human element to your name and brand!

Senior Portraits and College Graduations

What momentous occasions! Graduation from high school and college represents so many years of hard work, dedication, and of course, the optimism of approaching a new beginning. We love getting the opportunity to capture a moment in which you feel accomplished, proud, and so excited to take the next step! Having these photographs will let you look back on the time that you were just getting started for decades to come!
Why You Should Get Portraits

If you are looking for professional portraits on the mainline, you may be wondering what makes a portrait so great. Pictures help us preserve instances throughout our lives that have significant meaning. Having a professional photographer take your photos allows you to have a photo that captures the subject during the moment and the emotion!

Photo Sessions to Remember

Whether it is a special occasion, or you’ve just realized that time moves more quickly than you’d like to admit, it helps to have a memento to look back on in the years to come. We know that photographs convey a lot of meaning and emotion – which is perfect for capturing an instance in time. Whether you want your grandchildren to have pictures to look back on. You want pictures of your newborn baby that you can pull out to reminisce when they graduate college or get married.  Scheduling a family photo session can be like creating a time capsule that you get to check in on for many years to come.

A Bonding Experience

Portrait sessions aren’t just for yourself – they are for families and friends too! Sharing a special moment between you and your loved ones is always important! Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to commemorate the relationships that mean the most to you! A photo session is a fantastic way to make sure that everyone can have a meaningful and memorable way to remember the experience.

To Celebrate A Meaningful Life Event

There are so many milestones that deserve to be frozen in time forever! We take great pride in having the opportunity to capture these incredibly significant moments for you and your loved ones. From high school graduations to 50th wedding anniversaries and everything in between, there are plenty of life events to capture through a photo session.

Remember A Day Forever!

Planning on proposing to your love or telling your partner that you’re pregnant? What better way to save these memories for years to come than with a bunch of photographs? Nothing can measure up to saving these moments forever and being able to share them with family and friends! Planning a photo session to capture these moments will create a beautiful keepsake for you to carry with you for the rest of your life.

Photography Mainline – Capture Your Favorite Place!

Have a local spot that means something special to you? Why not have a session that showcases you in your favorite place? We love shooting on location, and it’s such an excellent way to change things up! Just like anything else, your favorite places can change with time. While that thought is certainly bittersweet, it helps to have pictures that show your favorite spot in all of its current glory with you as the subject! You will be grateful that you have photographs to remember your special place during a significant moment in your life for many years to come.

It’s All About Capturing Experiences…

No matter the purpose of your portrait session, the most important thing that occurs during a shoot is effectively capturing all of the feelings, emotions, and meaning in front of the lens. We know that photographs are so much more than just a pretty-looking picture to put in a frame on your mantle. They are literal memories that we get to freeze in time – forever! Life is all about the experiences that we have and who we get to share them with! Why not capture as many of these incredible and valuable experiences, so we may never forget them.

Why Main Line Portraits?

We have the experience

We have been working a long time to ensure that we provide the most professional, comfortable, and friendly environment for our clients during their photo sessions. When you work with us, it is all about you! We want to be sure that you and your loved ones feel confident, excited, and relaxed while we capture all of the incredible memories! We take the utmost care to capture and produce photographs that will speak to your heart for the rest of your life!

We focus on you and your needs

Your photo session is all about you! Before we even start, we make sure that we understand exactly what you expect from your portrait session and how you plan to display and share your photos when we are done! Communication is a vital part of our process, and we take extreme care to ensure that we have a clear and complete understanding of what means the most to you during this process.

We make memories a priority

In the end, it all comes down to creating lasting memories that you can keep and display for years to come! Whether it is sharing a momentous occasion or simply having your family’s portraits taken to remember what it was like when your kids were little, we give all of our focus to the goal of capturing the memories that you will never forget.

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